Andrea Cooper

Speaker Bio

Andrea is passionate about inclusion within society. Her work is with Inclusive Communications to reach diverse audiences such as multicultural communities and people living with disability. Andrea is also a health consumer advocate including at Alfred Health and Safer Care Victoria (Department of Health) and participated in the 2020 Australian ‘Loneliness Thought Leadership Roundtable’. She attended Bnei Akiva, was foundation coordinator for Jewish radio at 3EA and has served on community boards including shule and NCJWA (National).

Target Audience

Any age Jewish women, communal leadership

Speaking Topics

“Impact of growing up & living in the Jewish community with a hidden disability
Invisibility of single Jewish women over 50!
Growing up in an orthodox Jewish household, when ‘learning for women’ wasn’t the thing- what did I know, learn, practice? How can I mentor &/ also learn from new generations?
Working as a Jewess in a multicultural environment (now /& before it was fashionable). How does one relate to this as an “”orthodox’ Jewess
What is Consumer design? How can this be used to benefit the future for orthodox Jewish women & the community
I was 60 and I sat down for the first time in my life to do ‘formalised’ Torah learning

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“Recent- some examples

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